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Subletting 101

General Topics That May Be Helpful

A sublet, also referred to as a subtenant or sublease, is a person who rents a room from someone who has an existing lease contract with a landlord.

Although oral agreements may be legally binding in certain situations, a written agreement provides physical evidence that proves that the two parties have entered into a contract and one that they can reference to resolve any potential conflicts. 

Sublease agreements generally contain the following;

  1. The term of the contract 
  2. The amount payable to the current tenant 
  3. A clause stating that the subtenant must obey any terms and conditions included in the original lease agreement 
  4. Any additional terms and conditions not outlined in the lease agreement that the original tenant wishes the subtenant obey while occupying their room

Unless there is a clause in the original lease agreement stating that the landlord has given current tenants permission to sublet, current tenants must obtain consent from the landlord to sublet a room.

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A Step by Step Process - Sublets

A Step by Step Process - Hosts

What Sublets Should Know

Most frequently questions asked by sublets

Sublet Connect has partnered with Stripe, an online payment processor that gives users the opportunity to pay their rent right from our website. Stripe is perfectly safe and secure and we ensure that your transaction passes smoothly from one account to the other. Users also have the option to pay externally, such as via e-transfer or via cheque. 

As a sublet, it is your responsibility to uphold the clauses laid out in the lease agreement. The original tenant from whom you are renting should provide you with a copy of the lease agreement for your reference.


The following terms can be included in the lease: Parties to the agreement, rental unit, contact information, term of tenancy agreement, rent, utilities, rent discounts, rent deposit, key deposit, smoking rules, tenants insurance, charges to rental unit, maintenance/repairs, subletting conditions, additional terms, changes to this agreement and signatures. For more information please click the following link:

Check the terms of the lease. Since the Residential Tenancies Act does not specify who is responsible for utility payments, the only applicable terms are those in the lease between the landlord and the tenant. Some leases set out a fixed amount to cover utility payments or a fluctuating amount based on the bill. If the amount to cover utility payments is fixed, the tenant and landlord cannot change the terms of the lease unless they both agree to it.

Yes. The contractual agreement between the original tenant and the landlord still exists in the event of a subtenant, and is not altered in any way, shape or form. Therefore the original tenant must still pay rent to the landlord, but via their new contract with the subtenant, will get paid for the amount they charge the sublet.

If problems arise, it’s best to contact the original tenant who can then assist you themselves, or contact the landlord on your behalf.

What Hosts Should Know

Most frequently asked questions asked by hosts

The way you want to get paid is up to you. You can arrange to get paid offline or online (through the website). Let your potential sublets know how you’d like to be paid when creating your listing. If you prefer to get paid by us, let us know which method of payment (PayPal, cheque, or e-transfer) you prefer under “Payment Info” on your “My Profile” page and we’ll make sure you receive your money in that way. Please note that a 5.5% rent processing fee is applicable to payments made online. For more pricing information, visit our Pricing page.

A featured listing comes up first in search results and increases the chances of having your room subletted. Making your listing featured also gives you the chance to have your listing featured on one of social media accounts (with user permission). To make your listing featured, you can indicate that you would like to do so when publishing your listing, or can upgrade your listing at any time by visiting the listing in the My Listings tab. There is a $9.99 fee that accompanies a featured listing. This feature is not available in the beta version.

We encourage you to only respond to users with verified accounts. Verified users are those who have uploaded a form of ID to their account and have been approved by our Sublet Connect team. Verified users are distinguished by a checkmark icon located beside their user name. 

If not stated in the lease, contact your landlord or the owner for permission to sublet the property.

No. You must give your subtenant 24 hours notice before entering the property. However in the case of an emergency, you may enter the property without this notice.

A subtenant can only be removed if they have violated a term of either the sublet agreement or the lease agreement (provided to them by the original tenant).

Yes. The original tenant should enter into a fixed term written agreement with the new tenant that includes all of the obligations the original tenant agreed to in their lease with the landlord. The original tenant will need to provide the subtenant with a copy of the lease agreement for their reference and will still be responsible for all of the obligations in their lease. The original tenant can also consider adding any extra terms that might be necessary.

This depends on the circumstances. The new tenant (or subtenant) becomes a tenant under the Residential Tenancies Act, so the landlord has the authority to evict the subtenant for the reasons listed in the Act.