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About Us

Our Mission

Our goal at Sublet Connect is to provide students looking to enter the sublet market with a new and simple solution. We operate to connect students with a suitable opposite to match their subletting needs, whether that be a student renting out their room or a student looking for a room to sublet.

The Sublet Connect Advantage

Sublet Connect gives students the convenience, efficiency and sense of security that is currently lacking in the sublet market. Signing up is safe yet quick, while our advanced search and listing submission functions gives users the opportunity for an in-depth subletting experience. Everything can be done right from our website, including search, payment and communication.

Why Subletting?

Every year, countless students struggle to navigate the sublet market, and many end up forfeiting thousands of dollars for a room they don’t even live in. Our team has experienced this issue firsthand and built Sublet Connect with the purpose of creating an easy-to-navigate subletting platform.